Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Quest for Garden Plants

Our family likes to head to Amish country to get our garden plants. The price is more reasonable, and the plants are healthier! And the drive is lovely! These pictures are scenes we saw along the way...

Below is the nursery...

Above is an Amish schoolhouse
This guy was taking a rest...

These flowers were gorgeous weren't they!? I'll post another set of pictures in another post, Bri took some that were really good! (but they aren't downloaded yet).

Ahhh....my dreamhouse!

Here are the plants we picked up--gives me the gardening itch!
I couldn't resist these packs of flowers for 95 cents a pack!


Brittany said...

The flowers you bought are beautiful! Makes me want to go get some too! :-) I loved the horse pics too. :-)

Sharri said...


I haven't even been able to plant them though--it's been raining everyday!