Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Old, and the New

At our house, we don't really make New Year's Resolutions...

So, I thought I'd fill you in on what we do on New Year's Day.
First we have a nice dinner-my mom usually comes over for this. She usually leaves after dinner as she doesn't like to drive in the dark anymore,.
Then, we gather around with the sheets I have given everyone to fill out and put their own answers on.
I first read a list of Highlights that our family experienced in the previous (old) year. (I compile this on my computer as things happen)

Here's a few from this year's list: Brad (my son) bought a truck, Briana (my daughter) got her braces off, we started attending a new church, we went to New York City, we had a Backyard Bible Club to evangelize our neighborhood....

This is always fun because there are always some things that we've forgotten that happened during the year, and it's fun to be reminded!
Then, we go around the room-from youngest to oldest, and we read the answers to the questions on our sheets.
Some of the questions are:
Name something special that happened this year.
How have you grown closer to the Lord this year? (Or in what way?)
Name something that Daddy did that blessed you, or that you admire:

And then towards the bottom of the sheet, there is an opportunity to set goals:
List at least 3 goals for 2008, either family, or individual goals. Make at least one spiritual.

There are more things on the list--but you get the idea!

We save these sheets, and always review last years, and then go over this years.
We actually enjoy this, and it's a neat way to preserve some of our family accomplishments and history! (I save all the sheets in a notebook.)

So, instead of making resolutions, we make goals!
Here's one of mine for this year: To serve my family wholeheartedly.
I hope that I accomplish this goal! It is a Bible-requirement for my position of wife and mother!
I want to serve them w/o distraction!

And so, you have a peek into our New Year's traditions....
I'd like to hear about yours too! :0)

Have a blessed New Year.

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