Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Our family had the great blessing of spending the day together in Lancaster, PA (Amish country) yesterday. My husband had off for Veteran's Day, and this was his choice on how to spend his day off. (No arguments from me--I love it there!)

Our first stop was to eat of course. :0) We went to the "counter area" of the Shady Maple Restaurant. The picture of my children was taken there after we ate. This place has a huge and wonderful restaurant upstairs smorgasboard, but the counter area downstairs is priced more our style, and it is a smaller portion of the same delicious food! They also have a large gift shop that you can peruse afterwards.

Then, in the same parking lot is a little Mennonite run store called Good's. It is almost like the old drygoods stores used to be. It has everything from material and sewing notions, to toys, to hardware items, and home decorating accents! My guys love the Carhart merchandise!

Of course our next step was to eat again! LOL We found a wonderful Mennonite farm some time ago, and it is a true favorite with us! They have grassfed Jersey cows, and don't use hormones or antibiotics. They use their cream to make ice cream (which is the very best!), and they also have butter, cheese, and milk. Another neat thing about Lapp Valley Farm, is that they have a petting zoo type thing. They have various domestic pets; cats, dogs, peacocks, calves etc... for kids to pet.

I snapped a couple of shots of the peacocks.

My daughter Briana in front of Lapp Valley's ice cream store. Can you believe they even have a drive through--you can get your ice cream or milk w/o leaving your car! Brilliant!
My son's favorite part of the day-eating his ice cream!

My daughter's too! LOL

After leaving there, we were driving through some of the shopping areas, and I saw these wonderful quilts, thought I'd snap a picture or two of them to share here. They were lovely!

Our final stop was at a dairy farm to get some milk. Isn't it gorgeous!?

It was one of those days that will be a wonderful memory! We laughed and fellowshipped and just totally enjoyed ourselves! A real gift!


Marci said...

I am glad you got another day as a family to enjoy. I love the pictures!!

Ron and Ginny said...

Hey, girlfriend! I just got the prayer journal that you sent to Marci for me. She told me about it, but wouldn't say what it was or who it was from... It is beautiful! Thanks! :-D

Pam said...

It looks like it was a fun day! Someday I want to go to Lancaster County, I've read about it in Beverly Lewis' books. Someday....hmmm!
Do you live close to Lancaster County or did you have to drive quite a distance? Thanks for the pictures, I can see it that way for now!