Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late, late garden harvest!

No wonder I am having trouble reconciling myself to the fact that it is November! It has been so warm here, that our garden is still going strong!

I got up this morning though, and it was 32 degrees, I thought maybe we lost some stuff, but NO! I brought this in this morning!
In the top picture to the right is celery, parsley, and some flowers. The middle bowl has my son Brad's peppers (purple bells, jalepenos, and sweet bananas) More are in front of the bowl-then to the left of those is celery. In the big bowl on the left is kale, swiss chard, mesculin, and romaine and can you believe it-a few asparagus, and then in the bottom are raspberries, also shown below.

We also picked these yummy stayman apples.

Such an unexpected blessing! I will try and get out there to take pictures of the actual garden remains today. :0)


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Marci said...

Sharri, everything looks good. Are the apples from your yard?

Pam said...

What a beautiful garden harvest! It has been a while for us to get anything, we've had snow (just a little) here in MN a couple of times already. It has been a nice fall.