Friday, November 2, 2007

Another Vision Forum GIVEAWAY!

Actually, there are two going on currently!
One you need a blog for, and one you don't! Go to Kim's wonderful blog at Life in a shoe to check it out! Both contests are for Vision Forum!
For one of them, just make a $250 wishlist from the new catalog (available online if you don't have one!). Then, enter the info on your blog, and post it on Kim's comments on her drawing page.

The other one, you just email her comments page on the item you like the best out of the catalog--no blog required. The winner gets freebies--go to her site to check both contests out! :0)

Here is my wishlist:
Strength and Dignity for Daughters $10.
Family Renewal Library (8 discs) 60.
Passionate Housewives 16.
The Centrality of the Home in Evang and Discipl. 10.
A Church in the House 12.
Holiness for Boys 8.
Raising Maidens of Virtue 20.
Biblical Eldership 16.
Give me your Heart, My Son 30.
The Master's Plan for Fathers 35.
Manliness 10.
Victory for Daughters 16.

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