Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great Christmas Gift Idea for Boys!

I got this book for my son several years ago-Boyhood and Beyond, and it has just been the best tool for training I have ever used next to the Bible. Lots of wisdom in this one! As a matter of fact, the subtitle is:
Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man. It is recommended for ages 9-13, but that is flexible.
My son and I did it together, then he did some of it with his dad. And now, at age 14, he is using it on his own.
There is a second volume out by the same author, Mr. Bob Schultz which is also excellent-his copy is now getting dog-eared! Created for Work: Practical Insights for Young Men. This is more a 12 and up age range...
My son loves this book, and I see him with it almost daily.
I just thought I would pass these ideas along, as we are always looking for good godly character training resources. We also always try to use Christmas and birthdays as an opportunity to either purchase good, godly books, or tools etc... to help our children to learn and grow in the Lord. I hope this helps someone find what they were looking for!
You can even get these from Christian Book Distributors by clicking on my link. :0)

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