Monday, October 22, 2007

Vision Forum Drawing!

I am so excited! Kim who has the blog Life in a Shoe: "" is hosting another
Vision Forum ( Drawing this year!
She will choose 5 people for $150 each in free VF Merchandise.
Follow the above link to enter--but do it before Oct. 26th!
Here is my wish list in case I win!
84332 Passionate Housewives $16.
68213 Discovering Life Purpose 10.
68538 Raising Maidens of Virtue 20.
32303 Victory for Daughters 16.
35460 Jonathan Park 25.
58762 Manliness 10.
43752 The Masters Plan 4 Fathers 35.
52014 Thoughts for Young Men 8.
58773 The Centrality of the Home 10.

You can view and request the Vision Forum catalog online if you aren't familiar with it--they have great items! Check it out.

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