Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Lovebirds

We have such an interesting situation pictured here....

You see the little striped female cat that we call Shadow, is shown curled up with our big gray male cat Muffin.

What is unusual about this, is that Shadow is a feral cat. She has always been wild. Several years ago we trapped her and a litter of her kittens.... found home for the kitties, and had Shadow vaccinated and spayed, and then we released her.

Even though she spent several weeks caged in our home for recuperation after being spayed-she would never tame. :0(

But, as you can see, she loves our totally domesticated cat! Our Muffy is really an indoor cat, but he will go out in the daytime in our fenced yard. Mostly, he lays on one of the chairs on the patio.

These two will curl up together, or lick each other just like 2 domestic cats.

Even more unbelievable? This totally feral cat also loves our little dog as well! Will rub on her and everything....

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