Thursday, October 18, 2007


A couple of weeks ago my family (pictured above) had the blessing of going camping with two other dear families in Pennsylvania. We had such a nice time!

I don't know about the area where you live, but here it is still very warm-it's about 80 today! It was about the same on our trip. You can see my children are shown here in their short sleeves!
These are the 3 moms in the group- I'm in the middle of my two dear friends-Ruth and Jeanne. We paused to take this as we were hiking around a portion of the lake on our way to Hopewell Furnace, a historic site.
The girls (Briana, Audrey and Emilie) made a friend at the paddock of Hopewell Furnace! All three of these girls are big horse-lovers!

This is some partial remains of Hopewell Furnace.

Pictured above is the main house where the managers of the furnace lived. My daughter loves old houses, and took this picture.

My husband, son, and Ethan, a son of one of the other families chatting by the lake.

It was a lovely time, we had been there before, but our visit was made sweeter by the fellowship, the fireside singing, and devotions.

We look forward to doing it again! SOON! :0)

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Marci said...

Phil looks like a kid on that last picture!!!