Monday, October 8, 2007

Skyline Drive 2

To finish my Skyline Drive posts and pics....
This is taken when Phil and I went to Skyline Drive for our 20th, a kind passerby took this of us together. :0)

(These pictures are from the film camera, and couldn't be included in the other post...

We took a little trip just off Skyline to visit Luray Caverns. This is taken of Phil at the very beginning of the tour. It's a pretty neat place, (but beware if you are visiting there, and taking children, you may want to warn them of the evolution they spout in the tour.) One thing that struck me while I was listening to the tour, was how they go on and on about how wonderful the guys are that discovered this miraculous cavern, but give no credit to the God who created it! There was only one small mention of God, and that was on a plaque posted at the organ.

We had a wonderful time. Now...time to plan #21 :0)

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