Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Comparison or Contentment?

I saw this quote today...
Comparison is the enemy of Contentment

And the first thing I thought was...Ouch!

I am usually a contented person in many ways. But then...I should be!
After all, I have a comfortable home, lovely family, my husband provides for us well...
I have many dear friends, plenty of food on the table--enough to share...

But, then recently I got cancer.
 I had a score of Dr. appointments, tests, and scary moments...
There was surgery, pain, and recovery...
Helplessness, weakness, and confinement...

I have to admit, I wasn't always content.
But I am choosing to be today. And I will commit to choose to be tomorrow.

Our lives are made up of choices every day. Good ones, and bad ones.
An elder from our church said on Sunday that we must choose to be happy, and choose
to serve Christ by being happy.
It is so true!

And so is choosing contentment.
I feel that when I choose not to be content, I am not trusting in God.
I want to please God by having a contented spirit, and by fully putting my trust in Him.

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laurie said...

Sharri, I can completely understand what you are saying. It is difficult to trust God when our lives change and difficult times come. I have gone through very difficult surgery this summer and I felt the same. I wanted to be content but at times it was difficult and so frustrating. I am usually a very content person but this summer I was surely tested and have repented many times for discontment. I felt as though it was an ungratefulness I had. thank the Lord He is forgiving. I am praying for you.