Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wonderful Mother/Daughter Investment

I have the privilege of spending most of my weekday mornings reading this book aloud with
my young adult daughter Briana.
(She received it for Christmas)
Our discussions have been soooo good since we've started it!

Although we do not have a large family, we wish we did!
 And, we would like for our children to allow God
to choose their family size when they get married
and hopefully have large families themselves.

Although we haven't finished it, I couldn't wait to tell you about this book!
The first portion of the book is about God's plan for wives and mothers
with biblical references and lots of food for thought.

So far I have had lots of conviction while reading it--and expect that I'll have more yet!

This book is not just about how to be organized, etc...(although that's part of it)
 it is about the attitudes of the heart,
and the yielding of ourselves to God's plan.

It's very much worth the investment of time to read it,
and would be helpful for any wife, mother, or daughter.
(Made so much more enjoyable because I share it with my daughter!)
I wish the same for you!

In case you want to know where to order, it is available at Vision Forum.

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Michele said...

Lauren and I have been reading this too! Hope that you are doing well. Still praying every night for you.