Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us during Hurricane Irene
It came with fury from North Carolina and visited Delaware on it's way north
Although we were fortunate enough not to have suffered any damage,
others in our state are suffering from flooding, downed trees, lack of electricity and more.

I borrowed these pics from facebook to show a sampling of what it looks like here in DE today

All of the coastal areas were evacuated, and with good reason!

They also closed all of the roads last night at 10 pm for everyone's safety

A tornado touched down in Lewes damaging 15 or more homes
The above pic was taken in our state capitol of Dover

I have pictures that I took of our area that I will do another post on--but, I just
wanted to give you an idea of our surrounding area

We were fortunate to have my mom here with us-she lives in a mobile home and was
much safer here with us.
We feel blessed indeed to have had God's protection.

Below is a shot of Hurrican Irene entering Va before she made her way up here...
We could have had a very different experience indeed by the looks of it!
I hope that you and your families are safe as well.

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