Thursday, August 25, 2011

August is Flyin' By!

        Our summer has been a busy one...
We used our own onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs to make salsa and
spaghetti sauce

(I had to use my big pot for these tomatoes!)

We canned some, and we ate some :)

We purchased corn from the Amish and froze some...and ate some
Brad made cookie bars for church fellowship..yum!

I made carrot raisin salad

My sweet neighbor and friend gave me a lovely pink rose as a thank you
What a blessing!
She's moving this weekend, and I'm really going to miss her and her family!

My two little darlings are enjoying their summer
Don't they look the picture of orneriness  innocence?

It's been quite hot out, and Bingley gets bored when he can't go for long walks!

We've had several rainstorms that were downpours!
(we're thankful for the rain!)

We had a particularly lovely we snuck in a day-trip to the beach

We came back with an unknown extra passenger though...

This Ghost Crab snuck in via Bri's beach bag!
We have to make another trip back to let him go!

Bri and I set him up in a temporary home
So far he is still surviving!
Well, I'll try to post more soon.
We've had a lovely August, hope you have too!
Enjoy these last fleeting days of summer!

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