Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daddy's Day Off

My dear husband had off on Friday, and he chose to take us all to Lancaster for the day.
(It's one of his favorite places to go)
We did some different things this time than we usually do...we spent the day at Kitchen Kettle Village.
We really enjoyed the Christmas shoppe, it had a "Nativity Room"

The kids enjoyed the advent calendars

Lovely Christmas trees...

Lots of beautiful Nativity scenes
 (i really like the one above!)

This gorgeous old Swiss clock works! It is from the 1800's

Saw this old Ford while we were walking to a shop

This looks like our Chippy :)

It was a rainy day, but we managed a few snapshots

Loved this set up with the herbs inside!

How about this little Chihuahua with her tutu? lol

This was on one of the shops--I couldn't resist snapping it since it's our initial :0)

they had a Polish band playing Eidelweiss and other tunes...

It was raining or threatening rain off and on, but it didn't stop us from having
a lovely day!

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