Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Madness!

What kind of madness you may ask is happening around here in March? Well...above is the great breadmaker I got off of craigslist for $5 (it even ejects the bread when it's finished!) :)
Also, I am trying to lose weight, and eat healthier...I'm doing this by using the awesome Vitamix that I won!

I'm juicing breakfast and lunch, but eating a sensible dinner...

Below are some shots taken from our yard today--spring is happening here!
The first Dandelion! (my husband is thrilled) LOL
The wind was blowing as you can see by the flapping of the clothes on the line...
I love feasting my eyes on these flowers that have been hidden for a whole year!
What have they been doing all that time anyway? :)
My sweet hubby bought me flowers--so I get to feast my eyes inside too!
And, my son picked daffodils and put on the living room shelf too...
On top of perusing the yard, we're getting ready for a yardsale on Sat. I'm hoping we sell every last item! :)
Yep, I'm a true optimist!
Hope you're enjoying Springtime in your little corner of the world!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant;
if we did not sometimes taste of adversity,
prosperity would not be so welcome.
~Anne Bradstreet

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