Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daddy's 50th!

Well, he didn't want a big it was just a little gathering for Daddy's 50th
The dining room is being readied
That big striped plate at his place setting is the "Special Plate" that our family uses for honoring birthdays or other achievements
Daddy is reading some of the presents he got...I did a list of 50 Reasons Why I Love You...Bri did
50 Things I'm Going To Do For You...and Brad did 50 Bible Verses for Your 50th...

He continues to open gifts (Chippy is helping)

He's still Cool at 50!

Brad rigged up this neat sign for him...we heard Beeps from the neighbors throughout the evening!


Cleaning up...all hands on deck!

Happy to have Phil's Dad-"Pop" join us!

And Mommom of course!

Bri made her Dad this great Boston Cream Pie--of course we sang to him!

After dinner Bri played the piano while we listened and visited with one another
I hope he had a wonderful and special day--just like HIM!

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