Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Time for a Change!

I was thinking of decorating ideas that it's time to change for Spring!
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that great at decorating, but thought maybe I'd
share some ideas that might get your own creative juices going!
Btw, most of my ideas are cost effective ones-- cheap budget friendly!

First, get a fresh start. Fold up and put away your fleece blankets, open up the curtains and let the light in...wipe down your kitchen cabinets, do a little decluttering, and go along the ceiling with a long dusting wand (or an old towel drapped over a yardstick to de-cobweb)
I decorate a lot with napkins! (Most of which I already had-or I pick them up at Goodwill)
In the spring, I get out my pretty pastel-checked napkins and place them on the end tables...
in the center of the dining table-under the centerpiece, or even wrap them around my jar candles and secure with a rubber band.
It won't show because I fold it so the flaps cover the band.

Once your flowers begin to bloom--they're a wonderful tool to use for decorating! We have tons of daffodils, and we get bud vases and place them everywhere-even the powder room! Or, use silk.

Print out Scripture verses in a pretty font off the computer and frame them--make them "Spring" verses...
For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;  :)
Fill some empty pint canning jars with jelly beans and tie with a bow or put pretty spring fabric over the lid...

Have a fireplace mantel? Fill empty vases with Easter eggs and place one on each end... Or fill them with silk daffodils or other springtime flowers (you can reuse them!)

Or, put your candle holders on the mantel - use varying heights-and then put pastel candles in them.
(You can do the same in your china closet)  I've also decorated with my pastel napkins in there too)
If you have pastel or floral teacups--feature them!
Tuck in a silk flower or 2, or
use Easter Eggs.

I look at the thrift store through the year and pick up little "birds" and "nests" - these are cute in the spring too!
Force some bulbs--or forsythia branches (they're easy!)
Try to use what you have at home--napkins, scarves,egg cups, teacups, pictures, frames, rubber stamps and supplies...old cards...stuff your children have toys(little chicks, bunnies)! Candy! You name it!

Get a branch off of a tree (birch is pretty) and hang little Easter eggs from it...

I hope this sparks your thinking a little...have fun!

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