Monday, October 27, 2008

I think that Fall is Upon Us!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to go barefooted! :) That's how I know Fall is upon me--I had to resort to socks!

Here is a little late mini-harvest from the garden today. The last of the tomatoes, and a sink-full of parsley! There is still gobs more parsley out there! We even have tons of brand new baby plants that are growing!

Oh, and the last zinnia

My dear husband brought me a lovely Fall bouquet! Just for no reason! My Hero!

I found these darling little acorn salt and pepper shakers for 1.50! (Aren't they cute?)

They match my white pumpkin!

My daughter and I made some Fall cards today was fun!

Muffy thinks so too!


Marci said...

I am not sure if fall or winter is here. =) Snow flurries and it is currently 33 degrees. Brrrr......

What do you do with all your parsley?

Kelli said...

Such cute cards....I have the same acorn stamp! I hope you stay warm and cozy inside.