Monday, October 20, 2008

We Made Tracks!

Remember our trip to FL for the wedding? Well, our family got to take the Amtrak auto train to get there. (A perk of my sweetie's job--we get to go for free!) And we took our van with us! :)
The way it works, is that we drove from DE to VA to the Lorton Station. They loaded our van on the train, and then us! We left at 4pm, and arrived in Sanford, FL at about 8:15am the next morning!

Here we are waiting to get rolling! Since we are passriders-we are only entitled to coach seats (which means we would sit in a row w/other people) UNLESS there are extra sleeper cars available... On our trip to FL, the train was pretty full of "snowbirds"... so we got a small sleeper car called a Family Car. It is made for 2 adults, and 2 small children.

But, as you can see, we were just happy to get a private car at all! We got the last one left! We did have to travel down the train car to use the "facilities". :)

As you can see, we had a little bit of cramped quarters, but we didn't mind!

The scenery was lovely while it was still light out!

Above, the kids are trying out their beds for the night! (The steward puts them down for you while you're at dinner in the dining car) Which was delicious by the way! I had surf and turf! :)

We woke up, ate breakfast in the dining car, and got off the train in FL, ready to start our vacation!

And then...before we knew it, we were back on the train again, doing everything in reverse!

My daughter managed to take this shot from the moving train not too long after our departure.

Here we are in the dining car!

And here the kids are in the cafe car where they served us snacks, and they also show a movie if you want to watch it. In the daytime, this is an observation car as it is mostly glass.
Briana cranks off another picture before it gets dark. The scenery was breathtaking! And kudos to Bri for having such steady hands!-and artistic eye and talent!
Oh, and this time we even got a "full ride"! We got 2 deluxe sleepers with 4 adult-sized beds--complete w/facilities! Here I am washing my hands in one of our little sinks. :) Woohoo!
Yep, you know it--we went in style! :)

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