Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inside Information...

For those inquiring minds who want to is some exclusive, inside information about the wedding!

All of the pre-wedding excitement caught up with Boaz, the bride's little brother- during the ceremony

Don't tell anyone...but I think it caught up with little sister too!

Brittany's newest sister was only about 30 hours old when the wedding took place... it looks like it also caught up with her!

Did it affect the dog too? Yep! Towards the end of the wedding, the bride's family dog came bounding out of the pond-soaking wet, and approached the mother of the bride with full intentions of shaking...when the bride's grandfather gave him a very serious "down" command...well, he laid down, and stayed down! LOL

Although this lovely netting looks so sophisticated and romantic swathing the gorgeous wedding was actually serving another purpose! Evidently Florida has these crazy bugs - called Love Bugs of all things- that were swarming! The netting kept them off of the cake!

And, last but not least! We happen to know the lovely young lady who caught the bouquet--a first for her!

It was our very own Briana!

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Lady_MSnow said...

Thanks for the pictures. Josh and Brittany are actually "living" in my backyard now (Apartment above the garage.) The pictures are wonderful and the ones of the tired children are adorable. :D