Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music To My Ears....

How many of you have children that play instruments? Isn't it the best music you ever heard? (Not that I am biased!) Well, the only instrument my children play at this point is the piano... here they are working on a duet!

I must say, hearing them play is a great blessing to Phil and I! We can gather around the piano and do our own hymn sing, or Christmas carols! It is also a great ministry to visiting guests, or at the nursing home, or church etc...

If you have children, I highly recommend having them learn an instrument! You'll be glad you did--and so will they! They can really use this talent for the Lord!

I wish we had learned this earlier, and had them each learn 2 instruments! But, am thankful for the one!

Thanks Linda and Amy for teaching them--your investment is paying off!

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Marci said...

Well, I need some music in my life. Send them on over!!! We will take them to Florida for you!!! =)