Friday, September 5, 2008

Chips Meets Uncle Dickie, Aunt Natalie, Kelsey....

...Knickers, Skye, AND THE DUCKS! LOL

Yes, my brother and family have a gorgeous white german shepherd, a very regal cat, AND three adorable ducks.
This was Chip's first experience with poultry (Is it ok to say poultry? Or is that term only used if they're going to be dinner?) perhaps I should say...barnyard animal instead-even though they live in a lovely neighborhood-not a farm...?--anyway- he did surprisingly well!
I must report however, that twice, one of the ducks was able to sneak up on him from behind and tweak his tail! :0) (Don't let that get around though)

Knickers was totally bored with the whole mess--in true feline fashion.

Looks like feathers were flyin' here!

Sorry, this is an old pic of Skye--we must have been so fascinated with the geese (read trying to keep Chips from attacking-or being attacked) that we forgot! LOL

I think the ducks were quite ready for a nap by the time we left. :0)

That Chips really gets around!

p.s. Thanks Uncle Dickie and Aunt Natalie for inviting me--Luv, Chips

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Marci said...

That is so funny. Poor duckies... or is that poor Chips...