Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Close {CAT} Call

Just a few short weeks ago, our cat Muffin (better known as Muffy), was seriously ill. He had been acting unwell, and losing weight. We had him to the vet, and they ran bloodwork and did an xray, only to say that they suspected a brain tumor, and wanted to do some very pricey tests. We declined.

I then set about contemplating his problems...he was sneezing, refusing to eat his food--and if he did--it made him sick...and as a result, he was losing weight. I then remembered that this was a new bag of food....so, I went out and bought him another bag of food (same brand--just a new bag) and viola! He made a 100% recovery!
Bottom line--the food was tainted, and he was sick from it! We're glad we found the solution, and he is back to his old self!

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Marci said...

Wow, did you tell anyone like the company that made it?