Monday, December 9, 2013

Floral Idea

Someone posted this great Christmas floral arrangement idea
on facebook--thought I'd post it in case
you aren't on fb, or didn't see it.
Pick a jar that fits the size of the candy canes. You can use a baby food jar with small candy canes. For larger candy canes you can use any jar you already have, even empty spaghetti sauce jars. If you want several arrangements to look the same you’ll need jars the same size for that. If you prefer Mason jars check your local thrift shop for them. You are much cheaper there than brand new in stores.
Use masking tape to hold the candy canes onto the jar. Place the tape where you want the ribbon. Then cover it with a ribbon wide enough to cover the masking tape. Tie the ends of the ribbon in a bow for a finished look.
Add water to the jars when you add the roses (or other flowers). Add greenery as you like.
I thought it was adorable! :)

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