Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Farewell to a Dear and Faithful Friend

During the night we lost our sweet Muffy. He had been
struggling with health issues for a few years now, and we
are glad he no longer suffers.
I sometimes say that we rescued Muffy--but, the fact is
he rescued himself! lol

We took Bri over to Red Lion when she was about 5 to teach her to ride
a two wheel bike w/out training wheels.
It was Labor Day, so no one was at the school, the parking lot and fields empty.
Out of the blue Brad says...there's a cat under our car...
Lo and behold, Muffy showed up out of literally nowhere.

He was a stray, abandoned along with his sister and brother.
One of the teacher's took his sister, but his brother was too wild to catch.
Now Phil and I are not huge cat fans, and so he said--we'll keep him only until
the shelter opens on Monday...:)
On the way home in the car Briana announces...I named him "MUFFIN"
Phil says--No, Don't name it!
Btw, when he passed, Muffy was about 18 years old LOl

I'm not a huge cat fan, but I loved Muffy! He was more dog than cat.
He had a laid back personality, and he loved people--especially us.

From the day we got him, he walked in, and sat regally in the kitchen as if
to say..."It's about time you found me and took me home"!

Muffy loved to sit under the Christmas tree! One of his fav things!
We are glad we had ours up in time this year for him to sit under
it one last time.

Brad mentioned how ironic it is that Muffy
was that Muffy and Shadow died so close together...
but, we shouldn't be so surprised, they really loved each other.
After she died, he would stand at the door and call for her.
Shadow died November 2, 2013-just a little over a month ago.

Bri and Muffy

Part of our family.

Always curious

Here's Muffy helping out Brad in the ol'
homeschool days

The picture taken above was the first day Muffy
came home with us

Both kids have always really loved him!

Muffy, we miss you already--you left a big hole
when you left us!
We love you.


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