Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summertime Blessing

Our family had a great blessing this summer due to our sweet neighbors...
We did not open our pool this year (first time in 23 years!) and our kids have really missed swimming.
Thankfully, our generous neighbors have allowed our kids to come to their lovely built in pool
on several days that they have been away.
It's like having our own private resort for the day! :)

Everything is decorated so lovely!
(Can you see the lights in the tree?)

It is beautifully landscaped - not a weed in sight!

I love this furniture and comfy pillows!

You can see below that I have made this my fav seat!

There's lots of room for friends
(You'll see that in another post)

Fun touches

I loved this decorated door across saw horses for an added table

Even the cement had little ocean touches in it!
(I loved this little crab)

We've had some very enjoyable times there-due to the kindness of our neighbors!
We are grateful!

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