Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip to OH!

Most of our family recently had the great pleasure of a road trip to visit our dear friends
Mike and Marci on their farm.

God has such a great way of working things out in our lives doesn't He?
I met Marci on line about 11 or 12 years ago, and we became friends. We graduated to
talking on the phone and sending cards through the mail...
then, about 10 years ago our family went out to their farm to meet them in person.

We saw them again 3 years ago at their son's wedding in this was actually only the
third time we've met in person (although that seems so weird to me because I feel so close to Marci)
Anyway, through the first visit to Mike and Marci's we met some good friends of theirs.
We saw them again and renewed our friendship at the wedding in Florida. The next year our son, Brad, stayed at Mike and Marci's farm for 2 weeks to be a "farm hand" and afterwards our kids became pen pals with their kids.
So, when we learned that their daughter would be graduating from high school in May, we decided to plan a
surprise visit to attend the graduation party!
We couldn't keep it a secret from Mike and Marci as we would be staying at their house...
so they were in on it.
What fun to surprise them! And, what a wonderful weekend of fellowship and friendship we shared.
And oh, it went waaayyy too fast!

Friday night was Mike's birthday--what fun to be there for that! Fellowship, food, music, fun!

This trip was such a blessing to me personally...after my recent illness, I wasn't sure if I'd
ever see these friends again this side of heaven.
And so, I feel blessed to have been feeling quite well, and really enjoyed the whole visit!

All this--and it was only the first two days!
I'll do more in another post!

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WN Mama said...

We had a wonderful surprise when you came to visit us. Thank you sooooo much for coming to see us and being such a big help. You didn't post that part, about how much help you were at the grad party frosting all those cupcakes, helping transport everything and everyone from hither and yon and all the help cleaning up and everything. What a wonderful weekend. We love you!!!!