Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost Time...

My times are in thy hand: Psalm 31:15a
Well, I have spent the last couple of weeks busily preparing for my upcoming surgery on Wednesday.
I had about 2 weeks to get my Christmas shopping done and wrapped, cards out, and decorations up.
It was just enough time!
(Plus, I had excellent help!)
And, it kept me busy, and my mind off of things...
It also made me think about TIME.
We think we're in control of it, when actually, all of it is in God's hands.
It is a lesson I have learned these last few weeks....that all is in God's control
And, that's a good thing!

When you face something like cancer, it puts so many things in perspective.
Like...what's really important.
Like... am I spending enough time in the Word, and in prayer?
Is my focus on the Lord-and His timing---or, is it on mine?

I'm learning, and growing through this whole situation, and I covet your prayers.

Specifically: That they can remove the spleen and no further treatment is required.
And, that I will have a speedy recovery from the surgery.

May God get all the glory!


Linda said...


I will continue to pray for you and am agreeing with you & your family that you will be completely and totally healed. You have been a witness of God's grace and peace through very trying circumstances. Thank you for being so transparent. Much love always, Linda Sidowski

laurie Napolin said...

Will be praying for you Sherri. You are a blessing and when I read your posts you are an encouragement to me God's grace is powerful and He will see you through.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you I just know everything is going to be ok . carolyn

Caterpillar said...

Praying Mrs. Borowski!!!
-"Catepillar" :)