Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello Dear Ones,
I hope that you are all well and full of joy today!

I wanted to pop in with a quick update, and prayer request...
My recovery from the surgery has been amazing--God made our bodies w/the amazing ability to heal so well!  The only set-backs I suffered were not surgery related. I have had a lot of intestinal difficulties, and so now they are suspecting that I may have lymphoma in my colon.
I of course am praying against this, and ask you to join me in that!

My wonderful church family and other friends have been taking great care of us with meals! And I am blessed beyond words by the meals, cards, flowers, fruit, calls and prayers!
 My mother has been the very best of nurses--I am so thankful for her...and for my husband and children who have pitched in, waiting on me hand and foot!
I am walking daily again--although I can only go a partial distance, I have picked up my pace quite a bit over the last week! My mom, son, or husband accompany me when I go.

This Tues. I will go to the oncologist for the biopsy report, and Wed. to the surgeon to get the staples removed. (I will find out then when they can do the colonoscopy)...

I so much appreciate your prayers on my behalf, and hope you will continue to do so--we're not at the end of this thing yet!
Most gratefully yours,



Campbells said...

Still thinking of you and will continue to pray for you and your family.


Wilma said...

We pray for you daily. Many prayers are going up on your behalf from our friends at church as well as family members. We know that our God is in control and He is able to perform a miracle in your complete recovery. This is our prayer.

The Neighbor Girl said...

Yay Mrs. Borowski!!! I'm rejoicing with you!
Merry Christmas!
~"Caterpillar" ;)