Thursday, March 31, 2011

Belated...and I mean reeeaaallllyyy Belated Birthday! :)

My two friends and I plan a wonderful evening about twice a year to get together for dinner and a long "catch up chat"
Often we celebrate a birthday if it's a "biggee" :) However, one of us has a "Christmas time" birthday and it's harder to celebrate it

We did a "Gotcha" on Linda for her belated "biggee" birthday ... two years late!
Needless to say, she never suspected a thing! :)

The "other Linda" and I made the food, and my helpful young adult "kids" served us as well as worked like
crazy to clean and help prepare food (thanks guys!)
"Birthday Linda's" little daughter was able to join us, and it was such a nice evening!
She "hung out" with the "grown up kids" all night
Isn't she cute!?

I am blessed to count these ladies as friends, and it was such a joy to celebrate the life of our dear friend...
no matter what time of year it was. :)
Love you "two Linda's"!

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Julie said...

What a sweet thing to do! Everyone needs a friend like you. It's great that you didn't let the belatedness prevent you from celebrating your friend.