Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy happy happy!

I'm so happy to report that our camera is fixed! :)
The Lord is soooo goood!  I actually did a search on google about it, and was able to figure out that there was a tiny electronics battery hidden...that just needed replaced!  Yahoo!
Anyway, I thought I'd try and catch up a bit!
Bingley is getting to be a big boy now! He's gotten some long legs on him, and is learning new stuff everyday!
The kids and I had the privilege of visiting the church of our dear friends to do chalk art this weekend...
we cherish the time spent with them!
Here we are blueberry picking!

The blueberries are finished in the area I live in...
But up in those PA mountains--they're loaded!

Bri and Brad made a new friend...

We had a fun time!

After blueberry picking, we went back and got ready for their last night of VBS
The girls are helping set up things for dinner

The kids were adorable!

Then we went in for the chalk art

Here's the finished product...the artist, the speaker, and the pastor

We praise God for the opportunity! And, we pray seeds were planted that night.

After VBS we went next door and the sweet neighbors had fireworks
(I never saw anything like this mini hot air balloon!)

They also made a bonfire for us...

Then let the young people play some air hockey

After staying up most of the night...we got up the next morning and went to a park for a hike!

Alas, we had to head home--it's over 3 hrs to drive home

Bri took these of the tunnel on the way home...

Neat huh?

Anyway, thus ends our whirlwind weekend...
we thank God for our friends, and the opportunities He gives us!


Marci said...

I am so glad that your camera is fixed!!! YIPPEE!!!

Looks like you had a good time in PA.

Vic said...

Wow looks like ya'll had a BLAST!!!!