Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is so fleeting

A few random snapzshotz of the yard and other stuff
This is Brad's Hummingbird vine...those little birds love it!
These 2 bird pics are rotten quality--but I included them anyway lol
this finch is upside down getting sunflower seeds
Bingley with his tongue out :)
He chases butterflies constantly! Here he is trying to get one
I love these--Brad took them
I took this one of Bingley and think he's sooo cute!
See how long he's getting?
My hubby picked these berries in our yard, &  I'm getting ready to have a snack
I really enjoy these raspberries--one of my fav things that we grow
Oh, and the dogs like them too...and will pick and eat them :)

Hope you're enjoying these last days of Summer!

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