Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finishing Up Last Year...or, only for the Hale and Hearty!

Does that make any sense? Of course not! :) Actually, what I meant about finishing up last year--is last school year!

What I meant about Hale and Hearty...is that this is not for the squeamish! LOL

Brad needed to complete his dissections to complete his Biology, and he did them last week...

We only got pictures of the worm, but there was also a crayfish and a perch.

He looks like he's doing brain surgery or something with the mask etc...LOL

For you Mom's who have not attempted this yet... a little advice:

Get the dissection instruction booklet!

The specimens never look exactly like the book says--the booklet helps!

If you get into the more difficult dissections--find an online dissection that you can watch as you do it
Our kids have done: worm, perch, crayfish, cow's eye, sheep's heart, fetal pig and who knows what else! :)
I will admit though, my hubby helped Bri through her Biology, Bri did Advanced Biology with a friend, and Bri helped Bradley with his!

What is my job in all of this you ask?
I am the specimen purchaser, and have the VERY important job of cookie baker.
What does baking cookies have to do with dissections you may ask?

(Baking cookies during dissection masks the icky smells of course!)


Vic said...

Ok, I have to admit that is REALLY NASTY!!!!:P

Wilma said...

Forget it... I would flunk the course!

Campbell mama said...

Brad...Rachael starts Biology this year...her worm, frog, fish and crayfish are stinking on her closet shelf as we speak...if she has any questions can we call you and Brianna for help??? Maybe you guys could come down here and help her...that would be more fun.

Mrs. Campbell AKA WNMama

Campbell girlie said...

If you ask me, the real thing looks alot better than these packaged things... they smell better too.


Brad said...

Yeah, I'd be glad to go to Ohio and help out....I'll sit there with my eyes closed and wear my mask and just tell her what to do.
Honestly though, it wasn't all that bad disecting.

Brad said...

Very, Very true CAT.....
They don't even smell like they should.
That is why I wear a mask! :)