Friday, December 5, 2008

Take a minute to vote?

First, I must confess...I stole this post from Life in a Shoe! But, I couldn't resist passing this along to you!
Jennie Chancey, founder of Ladies Against Feminism and co-author of Passionate Housewives Desperate for God, is practicing what she preaches: she took the chance to publicly praise her husband in the 2008 Man of the Year contest, hosted by the Art of Manliness and sponsored by Old Spice. Mr. Chancey knew nothing about it until he learned that he was a finalist. Rumor has it that his response was, “You stinker!”
Thanks to Jennie’s glowing writeup, her husband is in the running for a $2,000 cash and a whole lot of Old Spice. He’s currently in second place, with other contestants trailing far behind. Let’s push him to first! Voting continues through December 14, so please click over and give him a thumb-up!
I just popped over there and voted for him--and he is in first place!

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