Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We had a lovely time decorating our second tree on Sunday. (the real one--the one that Counts!) LOL (we're not much on artificial trees around here)
Of course the first snafu was that the lights from last year didn't work (naturally) so, Daddy and Brad headed to good ol' Kmart across the road to get some new ones Here is my daughter putting up some of her favorite ornaments.... This is one huge tree!

Brad handled all the high branches for us. :)
We had our Christmas music on, a fire in the fireplace...and really enjoyed the whole thing!

The ornament above is one of a new set I purchased after Christmas last year. (I love them!)

This is a particular favorite because my son made it when he was three.

Hubby and I have always bought the children ornaments for Christmas, so that when they leave our home to start their own...they'll have some! The one above is one Bri picked this year (Isn't it pretty!?)

Chippy got his own ornament too! :)

Of course I love, love, love my Nativity set too! Very much! I will try and get better pics later.

Oh yes, also my son made us this nice snack too!

I just love Christmas! Don't you!?


Mother Bear said...

How wonderful! A lovely tree and family:-)
I love Christams too!:-)

Marci said...

Looks like a wonderful family evening. Maybe next year we can share each other's tree nights!!! :)