Thursday, December 18, 2008


Warning:View with caution...Some images may be frightening to small children!

And, You are about to see more pictures of my family than you might want to!

We decided to take some Christmas pictures of our family for 2008 was a most interesting (and hilarious) experience! LOL

And so, I first present to you: THE BLOOPERS!The pic above looks like Phil is yelling, and I'm crying, and Bri is comforting me! LOL

In reality, I was so cracked up, I couldn't stop laughing! :) I'm trying to pull it together...
Just acting goofy...
I think the above is my fav :)
Brad asked Phil if he was cold--my husband is very expressive! LOL
We were caught smooching between shots...

Needless to say...we weren't ready! LOL

And now...for the Real Deal!

Merry Christmas from Our House To Yours!

This was fun!


Marci said...

I LOVE the pictures!!!! It sure looks like you were having fun. They came out wonderful!!!

Karen said...

My goodness! You don't look a day over 25! You whole family is so beautiful!:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sharri, I love all your pictures. What a beautiful family !!!!!!!!!! Carolyn

Patricia said...

Sharri! These are wonderful! I especially like the one of your daughter and son with the pup in sephia... lovely.
How come you look so young??!!