Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Walk in the Park...with music!

Wednesday evening our family got to do something we love! It's a tradition of sorts for us! We went to the Battery Park in Old New Castle to hear a summer concert in the park.
We have been doing this since the kids were really small--and they still love to go!
With responsibilities we have at church, we can't usually go as the concerts are always on Wednesdays...but we had off this week, and the Lord blessed us with wonderful weather, and a memorable evening!

The band was good, and most of the crowd were older folks, although you did see some little children there too. If you look closely in the pic above, you can see the moon making it's appearance.
I loved this little old couple sitting at the water's edge together-listening to the music. (I hope they wouldn't mind me taking this--they were just so adorable!) That will be me and my sweetie in a few years. :0)

The park is right on the Delaware River, as you can see in the background of this picture of the kids walking Chips. Snacks are always a favored part of the evening.

As are the games! (almost had a mishap though...Chips tried to eat one of the chessmen!)

Other than that-Chips was wonderfully well behaved on his first concert night!

You can see the Courthouse lit up as it begins to get dark.

Another treasured memory made!

I hope you're making lots of them this summer with your own family! Don't miss the chance!

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Marci said...

It sounds like a wonderful family evening... all except those snacks. You need to get healthy snacks!!!! =)