Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chips Takes a Field Trip

Well, Monday Chips went on his first field trip/road trip...first he went to visit his "Grandma" in the nursing home. He was a big hit with her--and her friends!Then, our whole family took him to Valley Garden Park. It is a lovely park of woods, and a little stream with a beautifully kept lawn and garden. We had the entire place to ourselves! Chips got to see frogs...(Bri took some of these nature pics)

And a water snake...(ewwwww) (this made me kinda nervous the rest of the trip LOL)
Trees....(I love the different greens in the forest in the summer! Ahhhhh)

A blue dragon fly...

A scary hornet's nest...(yes, those are live hornets coming in and out!)

And, he spent time with his fav kids too!

AND, on the way home Chips was blessed to see a doe with twin fawns! One is pictured here with the mom, then the other one by itself. (we were surprised as it was mid-day)

Chips was ready for a nap when he got home!

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Marci said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!!