Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bountiful Harvest!

We are being abundantly blessed here from our garden! Above is one day's harvest! We only have a small plot, so this is a huge return! :0)

Last Saturday my dear husband, and sweet daughter helped me with making salsa. Although I have made salsa before, this was a first attempt at canning it. You can see the fruits of our labor below. Neat perspective through the eye of the canning jar ring. :0)
We went on to make and can spaghetti sauce on Monday with the rest of the tomatoes and our fresh herbs. I've made spaghetti sauce, but never canned it before. Another first!

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Marci said...

Keep up the good work. Tell Brad to send me some of his peppers... The more colorful the better!!! =) I will pay him.