Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Camp

For those of you who have never been to a family camp-I am posting this to let you know what you're missing out on!...and for those of you who were at this family camp with us-I'm posting this so you can remember how much FUN it was! :0)
Family Camp is a combination of great preaching, wonderful music, fun fellowship with other families, sweet family time, and much-needed couple time...
(below is a picture of the couples on a late-night wagon ride--it was hilarious! Trust me!)In alot of these pictures, you see us playing some of the games. Some games are played individually, some are competitive, and some are just for fun. Here I am doing the airsoft target practice--I did well! But my son did better. :0)

This little guy is literally "into the game!"

The camp we go to is a small, cozy, Christian camp. We love it there! It is old-fashioned, conservative, and directed by the sweetest couple in the world!

You see some of our friends above enjoying the creek! Who had more fun, the kids, or the parents??

One of the many wonderful aspects of this camp, is the delicious FOOD! You can see some of the young people enjoying their dessert! Yum!

Although...some people eat more than others (not mentioning any names TAM) Hee hee hee

The game pictured above is a competitive one, the family pictured playing it here were the champs!

The camp staff entertained us with hilarious skits!

Since Family Camp fell on July 4th, they had a "County Fair" which was so much fun for little kids--and big ones too! :0)

Some of the dads loved getting in on the games!

The above game was like soccer....except you used pool noodles as hockey sticks! We were all getting ready to play in the picture above. (I personally found the running in this game grueling!) I'm getting tooo ooolllldddd for this! LOL

Family camp is a great place to fellowship with friends (new, or old!)

It's also a great place to get refreshed and recharged spiritually...and make great memories!


Marci said...

I sure am glad you had such a good time. Great pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, on the whole your post got... oh, 9 outa 10. I didn't eat all the icecream!!!! hehehe, lol. Anyway... It was fun being able to bug you all of family camp. I think that was the thing I missed most when I came back home ;) Love ya lots!

Karen said...

Oh Sharri, what a wonderful happy time! Thank you for sharing all the pics!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I heard you all had a great time, maybe we can go next year! Thanks for sharing the pictures :-)