Friday, July 18, 2008

Ahhh The Good Ole Summertime!

I love summer! Everything is in FULL Bloom! And I so love flowers! From my showy Clematis, to the huge sunflowers, to the little cluster of Verbena!

These Petunias and Verbena are in a hanging basket together. I think the purple and pink set each other off!

I saw that these little butterflies also were enjoying the flowers! This Black Swallowtail is probably seeking to lay it's eggs on my parsley--I've already seen the caterpillars this year.
And this wretched, but pretty, butterfly lays it's annoying eggs that hatch into caterpillars which plague my cauliflower and broccoli!
You can peek into these vines and see lots of grape clusters ripening in the sun...
These Jalapeno's too--we plant them right in our landscape! Don't you just LOVE SUMMER!?


Marci said...

Great pictures Sharri!!! Or is it Bri?? =)

Anonymous said...

I love your nature pictures! I have been recently getting in to taking these kinds of pictures.

Enjoy Celebrate the Glory!