Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Picture Perfect Day...

As a surprise for my daughter's 18th B-day, my dh secretly took off work for the day, and then got us some sandwiches from a nearby (delicious) place, and took it to a state park that we've always wanted to visit just over the state line in MD. The above covered bridge was so pretty!

It was a glorious summer day, with the temps only in the 70's (to my delight!) It was such a neat park! So clean, and lovely! The pic above is of my daughter catching these teeny tiny toads--there were 100's of them! :0) (she was in her glory!)

There was lots of wildlife and critters of every size and shape! My husband even saw a deer drinking from the water, but I was too slow with the camera to get a picture. :0)

Below is the b-day girl with her daddy :0)

Above is me and the b-day boy

Did I mention my ds loves anything that gets clothes or shoes wet!? LOL

It was a great blessing to spend time as a family observing and wondering at God's awesome creation!

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'Aunt' Wilma said...

Happy Birthday Bri! Time has gone by so fast. I will also have 18 year old granddaughters in September and February.

I loved the picture of you and your Dad sitting by the lake. Hope you are having a wonderful summe.

'Aunt' Wilma