Friday, June 27, 2008

It's incredibly short...LIFE

Tonight I was reminded of the brevity of our time here on earth.
A dear friend lost one of her two daughters 15 yrs ago...I remember being pregnant with my son at the viewing...the girl was only about 19.
Well, the same dear friend lost her only other child, her beloved daughter of 36 yrs. last week.
Tonight was the viewing, and it was so difficult for everyone heart truly went out to this mom, dad, aunt, and little child of 5 left behind...

Tonight, I hug my children a little tighter. Smile at them a little brighter. And thank the One who made them, and allowed me the privilege of being their mom, for one more day.

Hug your loved ones close tonight.

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Marci said...

None of us are promised a tomorrow. Good reminder Sharri!!