Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nature shots

I just couldn't resist sharing a few more of the nature pics I took on our hike for Bri's b-day!

Above is one of the VERY tall Trees!
These are some wild raspberries growing along the path. When we came back by...the red one was gone! Something ate it! LOL

I loved the way the light shone through the leaves of this tree. I love being in the woods!

Even this ordinary clover flower was beautiful--wasn't it??

I love water, the sound of water, feel of water, and the way it looks! If you can see to the bottom of this little stream, there is micah or something shiney--it looks like gold!

My mom likes tiger lilies...I can see why!

Now these last shots are my daughter's and these were actually taken at home. It isn't a daisy that the praying mantis is on, it's chamomile (Very tiny) and, the mantis is a baby-maybe about 1" long.

Neat pics though aren't they?


Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures! Especially the last two. They turned out really good. :-D

Marci said...

Great pictures and come on Brad... fess up... you ate that raspberry didn't you?!?!?!?