Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Having a Bloomin' Time!

Spring at our house... come on, I'll give you a tour of what's blooming!

My favorite flowers....lilacs! These purple ones are more fragrant than the white ones I have on the other side of the yard.
These little snowflake/star looking flowers come up every year....so pretty!

Even my weeds look so pretty--don't they! Dandelions with an adorable little blue flower growing amongst them. :0)

My pink tulips have purple/blue middles. :0)

Lilacs in the foreground, with the cherry tree in the background.

Asparagus that we didn't cut--and rhubarb in the background. (my husband's fav!)

These are the blossoms on the apple tree!

Apple blossoms from the other tree.

And, to show you how early everything is....our strawberries have blooms on them! This isn't supposed to happen until Memorial Day!


Marci said...

Oh Sharri, everything is GORGEOUS!!! I have a question... How much asparagus do you leave to grow up and fern?

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Those are beautiful pic's!!!Have a great spring!:) ~Vic

Heather said...

I can smell those lilacs! My grandma had a tall bush that grew to her second story porch. It smelled so good coming in there!