Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Everywhere I look there are signs that Spring is officially here! Our ornamental cherry tree is in full bloom, and the grass (that my wonderful dear son keeps looking like a golf course...) is nice and green and lush!

My primroses and grape hya cinths are up (my dh doesn't like those grape hyacinths--he's pulled them out numerous times) :0)
My mountain pinks (although there are no mountains here) :0) are out, along with the daffodils - which are almost finished their blooming.

Can you see the one lovely dandelion growing in the mountain pinks? LOL

These faithful purple pansies were planted in the fall, and flowered ALL winter! Even in the snow!My parsley also wintered over. I have used it all winter for my stews and soups!My favorite flowers-the lilacs are in bud and will bloom very soon! These are my purple ones, I also have white.

One more picture of my house with the pretty cherry tree in bloom!


Marci said...

Very very pretty. I love your tree!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharri, your yard looks beautiful! You can tell you put a lot of hard work and lots of love into your little corner of the world.

Papa has the green thumb around our place. Tanya is fixing her place up for Ashley's open house graduation party.