Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Small Potatoes!

Over the weekend my husband and son (above) dug up the potatoes that they grew in our garden. To our surprise and amazement, some of the red potatoes were huge! Also, from one red potato plant, they got 11 lbs of potatoes!

We also grew Yukon gold potatoes and got quite a few, but I don't think that they weighed those...and they are not pictured.

(This one potato weighs just shy of 2 lbs!)

I thought these potatoes deserved a little blog space.

(not bad for bunch of city-slickers eh?)

Hee hee hee!


Ron and Ginny said...

Beautiful! We grew Yukon Gold, Norland Red, and Russets this year. We are certainly enjoying the fruits of our labor. Is this the first time growing potatoes? You have to eat some the day they are dug and enjoy that fresh flavor. Nothing like it! :-D

Marci said...

They are beautiful taters!!!! Ya'll done good honey pie!!

I still need Brad to come and stay for a bit.