Monday, September 10, 2007

Princed Edward Island Reflections

What would a trip to PEI be without a stop at the world famous Green Gables? (And I do mean world famous--people come from Japan, and other places all over the world to visit, and even get married at Green Gables!)

A trip to this adorable little house, barn, gardens and grounds made for such a pleasant day! One stored in my memory banks, and taken out frequently to relive it.

Although the Anne of Green Gables book is a fictional work done by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the house is in fact a real house that had been owned by Lucy's relatives. She used to visit it during her childhood and loved it. And so she has introduced us all to it through her books.

Throughout this charming house they have period furniture, decorations, and even some clothing and other items to give you the feel of what it would have been like in Lucy's day.

Of course since Anne of Green Gables was fictional, she never really lived there. But, if you've read the books, and fell in love with them as I did... You can use your "imagination" and almost be able to picture the little red-haired imp there!

As a lover of the outdoors, this was a very nice day spent strolling about the grounds with my family. The scenery was lovely, and we even found some little squirrels that were quite curious and friendly.

This may well be the biggest attraction on the island for many tourists and is interesting for children and us adults as well. It's a "must see" if you visit the island!


Ron and Ginny said...

Lovely pictures! Thanks! I'm glad you got blogger working...

Marci said...

Great pictures Sharri. I see your Mom in that last picture. Tell her the axe murderer said hello. =)