Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It Will Never Be The Same

For the rest of my life, the date 9-11 will never be the same. There are so many dates on the calendar that go by without much notice-unless you have a family b-day or anniversary....like February 8, or January 20, or March 16....

But for the rest of my life, 9-11 will always stand out. I have a friend whose 90+ grandmother has that date for her birthday. She refuses to celebrate it! She celebrates the day before or after, I can't remember which.

But ever since 2001, that date has carried with it a sobering impact. I did not personally lose any loved ones in the devastation of that day.
But something here in American was forever lost that day. The security we once enjoyed was breached, and cannot be regained.

I suppose this is what our past generation felt after the attack on Pearl Harbor. But for me, I didn't have that recollection, and this was a very shocking event.

One of the things that I think of when I remember that time in our history, is how America fell to it's knees before God. Our government officials standing up and singing "God Bless America". (And well they should!) People holding prayer meetings, and speaking God's name on t.v. and radio...

But how about now? I don't see God being recognized, consulted, or even considered. How quickly they have forgotten!

I remember thinking what a wake-up call this was for America. And how much good could come of it. But so many have fallen away, and back into their "own lives", and have forgotten the One for Whom we should live. The One to Whom they cried out so heartily to when they needed something.

And so today, I remember Him. I do not quake in fear, I live in faith. I do not feel hopeless, I look to the One Who is Hope. I do not forget-nor do I live in the past--I open my heart to His plan, and His leading. In Him is my security-for Eternity!
I remember Him today, and every day.

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